Collaborative Scheduling Done Right

Rallly lets you and your friends vote on a date to host an event


Rallly makes collaborating with friends quick and easy


Create a page for your upcoming event and share it with your friends.


Discuss details of the event with your friends right on the event page.


Let everyone know which dates best work for you and find a common date to host your event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this?

Rallly was created by Luke Vella.

Is it free?

Yes, Rallly is completely free to use.

Why did you create Rallly?

I wanted to create something that was useful, simple and beautiful. Also I needed a project that could help me improve my skill set.

This is great, is there anything I can do to help out?

Yes! Rallly is open source, so you can contribute to the project on GitHub.

Where can I submit a feature request?

You can either create a new issue on GitHub or send an email to