Recent Posts

Rallly 3.0 Self-Hosting

An exciting announcement for self-hosters.

July Recap & Pricing Updates

A recap of what has changed and some information about the upcoming pricing changes.

Rallly Pro Launch

Introducing Rallly Pro, the premium subscription plan that will complete your scheduling workflow.

Coming Soon - Rallly Pro

I'm excited to announce a significant update that will be available soon.

Introducing Rallly 3.0 - What's new?

Rallly 3.0 is a significant stepping stone as we had towards expanding Rallly with more features.

The Future of Rallly

Rallly has always been about simplifying group scheduling, but my aim is to evolve it into more than just a polling platform.

Mobile Poll UI Refresh

An update focusing on improving the usability of the app on mobile devices.

Introducing Rallly 2.0

A look at Rallly's first major update.

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